Study German with ISK Salzburg!
German is a language shared by 100 million Europeans.

For many decades, ISK have been dedicated to the implementation of the following goals:

• Students leave their familiar surroundings to experience life in a foreign country (not only learn about it in a classroom).
• Students supplement classroom content with experiential learning, exploring first hand different customs, cultures, laws, economic models, etc.
• Students learn how national cultures affect world views and ways of thinking.
• Students experience how world issues and international connections affect people’s lives and ways of living.
• Students will reflect on their own culture, increasing student awareness and development of a global perspective.
• Students learn to appreciate cultural diversity and respect for others.
• Students learn to examine critically cultural stereotypes and develop intercultural competence.
• Students come to understand the significance of foreign language learning, a matter not only of politeness and respect, but also of cultural understanding and an expansion of one’s business and research opportunities.
• Access to foreign media outlets will help students understand how global events and history are viewed differently in different cultures.
• Personal experience abroad will help students review media content critically.
• Students will learn how to function in a foreign context. This will instill confidence and prepare students for success in an increasingly globalized world.

Experiential Learning. A three weeks‘ course includes an experiential learning component in the form of 8 excursions (6 afternoons, 2 Saturdays), each dedicated to a different topic.